Apr 092008

Flickr now has video. YAY!! I love the play in place thumbnails. Click the bottom left play button on a thumbnail to see the video play without going to the view page. This puppet video they flickr peeps made is adorable.

Most cameras these days come with a video feature. I use Divx converter to compress all my videos before posting. My canon sd700 creates giant motion jpeg files and they would take forever to upload if I didn’t compress them.

There is a 90 second time limit on flickr videos, which isn’t a lot of time. I’m a big fan of short format content (looooove commercials) so the restriction is just an opportunity do a lot in a little chunk of time. Sometimes the good stuff is a few seconds into the video. For quick and easy trimming I use quicktime pro. I’ve also tried mpeg streamclip and it’s also quick and easy to use.

Here’s a little video I made today so I wouldn’t esploder.

And more chicken dancing at the Pownce brunch.
The royalty free music is by Kevin MacLeod. Pretty much all the music I use is from that site.

Go Flickr Video! Weeeee!

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  1. Curses! I’ll never be as cool as the epic chicken dance! Even I had a “Monster Hoodie.”

  2. Check Seesmic out — it does the same thing!

  3. @bradydale A monster hoodie dance would be pretty sweet too.
    @pp – ehhh. Seesmic is private, and Viddler is not. I don’t use viddler but it would probably work just as well for the straight to web site feature. I always edit my videos, though so tubemogul+pownce works well for me.

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