Oct 312008

it is full of the happies.

Cut it up

I cut this pumpkin up. It fought me but I won. In case you can’t tell (I’m working on the carving skillz) this is a macbook pro. You can tell it’s one of the new ones because the trackpad has no mouse button. It also pukes hearts. I can type and click really fast on it.

  5 Responses to “Halloweeeeeenie!”

  1. What a great carving (no help this time ? :) !
    That’s a really cool halloween pumpkin !
    How sad french don’t really celebrate halloween.
    Who cares, just today, my spider gave my …
    … a lots of baby spiders all over the garden !
    How cute ! That’s my halloween !

  2. Love the mac apple and the less than three!

  3. @tom nope! I did it all myself.
    @katie thanks :)

  4. GREAT carving!

  5. Wow you seem like such a cool person.
    I love apple too :)

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