Nov 142008

The biggest problem with having a limited paypal account is that they have the records for your credit cards. You cannot use the credit cards on paypal even if you try to pay as a guest user & don’t sign in. I wish there were something better than paypal (in functionality and ease of use, and at least close to equal in adoption rate). After several iterations to remove the swear words and condescending tone, this is what I sent to them.

From: Karen Nguyen
To: Paypal

Dear Paypal,

I do not understand why you think my account is a nonprofit. Several months ago I sent an email to the support group requesting that my account be downgraded from a business account to a personal account. I do not have a business, and I no longer deal with finances for a nonprofit organization. I received an email confirming that my account was downgraded. Now, my account is limited and I cannot send or receive payments. I tried looking through the profile settings and did not find a way to change my account category. I also did a search and it did not have anything helpful to my situation. Could you please help explain how to fix my account?

PayPal requires accounts within the charity / non profit category to provide us with some additional information regarding their organization. Upon a recent review, your account was identified as falling within this classification. Until we can collect this information, your access to sensitive account features will be limited. Please take a moment to provide us with this information so that we can restore your access as soon as possible.

And now, I wait some more.

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  1. Let me know if you find something better.


  2. Had a similar issue with my paypal account over here in germany. It went on for like 4 weeks.
    Imagine your regular bank would block your account? inconceivable…
    They weren’t helpfull at all, so I wrote them to close my account for good.
    THEN they woke up and closed the “issue” to my satisfaction.

    Unfortunately there is no real alternative to PayPal. :-(

  3. @zeno I will definitely post about it. I’m waiting for some company to outshine paypal
    @georg that sucks. there should be a support group or something for victims of paypal abuse.

  4. Karen, go to and list a complaint under “PayPal” and one of the employees will most likely respond to your question and personally ask to email you or tell you what to do. I’ve done it and one of the employees, “PaypalJason”, figured it all out.

  5. @ryanhawiya thanks for the tip. Fortunately, they fixed the problem after a few days and everything is fine. I love the getsatisfaction folks.

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