Jan 092009

Youtube booth at Macworld

Macworld has been pretty fun, even though there weren’t many big announcements. I didn’t find anything that really excited me at the event. The little youtube booth had a computer and a soft light on the ceiling so I played a little song in the booth.

Turner (one of the guys from Smule) taught me a few notes.
Mr. Smule and me rocking out

Gonna make you work work, make you work!

I got to meet Lisa. She’s Canadian. I love Canadians, and their ketchup chips.

While hanging out with Justine I didn’t take too many photos. She had that lovely Nikon D90 that took such puuuurdy photos. It makes me want to get a dslr.

  5 Responses to “A little macworld update”

  1. the d90 is supposed to take puurdy videos too. wish I could get one.

  2. you keep your dirty american hands off our chips! ketchup chips and perogies are the traditional staples of our people, they’re sacred.

  3. I like your dress @ MacWorld, Karen.

  4. @chris Indeed! The videos are great too

    @micah hey now, I’m willing to share the chips

    @George_ thanks :)

  5. I commment on this on youtube :O
    (feel like such a geek atm)
    i do love canadians too.
    (also feel like a stalker LOL)
    Allanx =D

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