Apr 022009

Like cornify, but meatier.

I've been bacolicioused


a delicious treat from Yoko

  5 Responses to “Yes”

  1. Mmmm bacon 😀
    I love it 😛

  2. Yum making me hungry…. Looks so crisp and yet it doesn’t look burned nor doe…… Oh crap I love bacon so much!!

  3. @Lee-Loi haha who doesn’t? Oh.. Jewish .. Haha, I’m from Israel, but I’m not jewish .. :)

  4. @authur me too. I’m a big fan of bacon
    @lee-choi agreed! It is the most beautiful picture of bacon. So tempting!

  5. Oh dear god that is awesome!
    We’re in the middle of a site redesign/optimization now, so I sent this link to some folks on the team : http://bacolicio.us/http://www.ptc.com
    Well, maybe just to the bacon lovers.

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