May 262011

I’ve been working on a new company cofounded with friends, SnappyTV. We give you the ability to share clips of television in near-real time from when it airs. Here’s a thoughtful piece from our CEO about our business and the tv-web space.

So today has been a very good day.

One of our video clips from the French Open was featured on the Yahoo home page (eeeep! bouncy bouncy) and …… THE SERVERS DIDN’T DIE! We have somewhere around 1000 views a minute and our entire site was purring. I assure you, this is an impressive feat of pure scaling awesomeness.

Here’s the clip that was featured and the corresponding story.

I’m surprised it got so many hits, considering it has nothing to do with pandas or boobies, although it is a tennis player (Sabine Lisick) crying in pain, so I guess it’s got that going for it.

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  1. Congratulations to you and the team, Karen! That’s some giddy exposure and scaling abilities! 😀

    I look forward to watching SnappyTV evolve into our everyday lives. :)

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