Jul 192010

One of my favorite aspects of travel is experiencing the culture through food. When I was younger I refused to eat “weird” things (although when I was tiny I ate whatever my parents gave me, including Baulet). This restaurant next to the Molino Stucky Hilton presented us with this mixed appetizer dish.


Here’s a video of us trying that little baby squid.

It didn’t taste bad – it was not too chewy and fishy with some parsley flavor. The brains we polenta-textured. I have trouble eating organs, so I ate a few more legs and gave it to Tod.

Lindsey wouldn’t eat the crayfish because it reminded her of her pet crayfish as a kid. It was a little sweet and pretty much tasted like raw shrimp from a sushi place.

Tod, who is not in the video, ate everything without batting an eye. I hope to get there some day.

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May 262010

BaconCamp was a huge success and we raised about $1500 for the San Francisco Food Bank. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera at home. I’m ashamed – I didn’t take a single photo at BaconCamp. Good thing there are other more organized folks to step in:

beautiful folks enjoying porky products by gelaskins photo by rockbandit

The winningest super yummy bacon bloody mary by dennis. photo by Asylum (click for their article)

Pork abounded. We celebrated, we ate, we drank and we fundraised for a truly great cause and we documented the pig out of it.


And Mark made a video.

BaconNews on youtube

In case you missed the winners, I’ve posted them here

Thanks for coming out and helping, and for those who missed it, you support our cause every time you think of bacon.

And a super duper special thanks to our kickass sponsors:

  • Bacon Hot Sauce
  • Digital Dads
  • Dennis Mueller
  • GelaSkins
  • Stickergiant
  • Boccalone
  • May 082010

    I’ve been woefully neglecting this blog. My days and nights have been filled BaconCamp, a collaborative experience involving bacon. Proceeds go to the San Francisco Food Bank. More info here.

    This is my ipad covered in a bacon gelaskin. I love it.

    Tomorrow will be a day full of fatty pork.

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    Apr 052010

    It was cold and rainy all day today. I was going to hide eggs in the house and have a little hunt, but I got attacked by cute poofy chicks! Ahhh!

    Poofy chicks want revenge! on Youtube

    Special thanks to Dennis, who did a wonderful job as General Beakless and Jen who gave me the poofy chicks. Who knew they would be such terrors in the house?

    Did you notice the salt & pepper shakers? They’re peeps!!! Given my lifelong obsession with peeps, I had to have this adorable tableware by Lenox. My dream vacation would to have a private tour of the Just Born factory. I’ll definitely be scooping up a few extra peeps tomorrow to last me the rest of the year.

    Apr 122009

    Urban egg hunt on Youtube. Justine & I decided to hide some little treasures around the city for Easter. They were all gone the next day, so I’m sure they all found happy homes.

    In related Easter news, this made me esploder:

    The wizard of peeps

    The Wizard of Peeps diorama. Given my lifelong obsession with peeps & The Wizard of Oz, I am tempted to ask the creator to marry me. So much peep love.

    And here is the first video I put on the internet (lovingly made with Jumpcut in 2006):

    Peep experiment on Youtube

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday.


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    Mar 292009

    I stopped by the bacon yogurt celebration a few weeks ago. The stuff is tasty.

    Doc Pop’s Bacon Yogurt on Youtube

    Only 2 more days to eat the delicious Bacon, maple, cereal yogurt at YoCup. Try it before it’s gone! If you don’t live in San Francisco, just add the ingredients to some plain yogurt, and it’s almost the same experience.

    Speaking of bacon and dessert, Heather Lynch took the grand prize at BaconCamp for her Maker’s Mark Ice Cream with a Maple Caramel Swirl and Candied Bacon Bits. I didn’t make it out to to the event (yes, it was my baby, but so it goes), and I’m hoping Heather will make another batch soon so I can taste it. Yum!

    photo by Edrabbit

    BTW BaconCamp kicked major ass. 40+ presentations, 9 prizes, 300+ people, $1500+ raised for AHA. I am thoroughly pleased. Expect another BaconCampSF in a few months. Check out the blog for more details about the past event, and some photos on flickr.

    Feb 182009

    I can bake really quickly:

    Cupcake baking and frosting on youtube

    Normally I don’t use a box mix, but I thought that it would be quicker. The caramel frosting came out a bit runnier than I expected. I halved the recipe, and I don’t think my kitchenaid could properly whip the frosting when there was less of it in the bowl. Next time I will use a hand mixer.

    I basically followed the recipe on the box. In general I use local or organic ingredients for all my cooking. In case the recipe in the video is too hard to follow, here are detailed instructions.
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    Feb 122009

    In my constant quest for new (to me) produce, I stumbled upon this beauty at Bi-rite.

    Watermelon radish

    It’s a watermelon radish, and I would never have noticed it if one weren’t sliced in half and displayed at the store. I generally don’t like the sharp flavor of radishes, but these ones were too pretty to pass up. They are surprisingly mild, with only a hint of that radish-y flavor, and rather sweet. It was fantastic on my salad (arugula, tomatoes, cucumber), though I wished that I had one of those fancy ceramic slicers. They would taste much better sliced super-thin. Fortunately, it is not some freaky lab-mutated vegetable; it’s just an heirloom daikon. I hope watermelon radishes become more popular so I can have them more often.

    I was at Bi-Rite two days ago and they were still available in case anyone lives locally and wants to try them.

    Napa Valley sauces

    The Napa Valley Mole Sauce is delicious. It’s bright and peppery, with nice heat and a good balance of salty and sweet flavors. Add this sauce to some veggies with handful of cocoa nibs, and you’ve made a quick, healthy and tasty meal.

    With such a pleasant first experience, I had to try another one of their sauces. The Mango & Spices was an utter disaster. It was incredibly tart, didn’t have any trace of mango, and the Caribbean inspired spices were overpowering. I tried to save it with fresh pineapple and honey, but it didn’t help enough. Now I’m afraid to try any of their other products. I think I’ll just stick with the Mole.