Jul 192010

One of my favorite aspects of travel is experiencing the culture through food. When I was younger I refused to eat “weird” things (although when I was tiny I ate whatever my parents gave me, including Baulet). This restaurant next to the Molino Stucky Hilton presented us with this mixed appetizer dish.


Here’s a video of us trying that little baby squid.

It didn’t taste bad – it was not too chewy and fishy with some parsley flavor. The brains we polenta-textured. I have trouble eating organs, so I ate a few more legs and gave it to Tod.

Lindsey wouldn’t eat the crayfish because it reminded her of her pet crayfish as a kid. It was a little sweet and pretty much tasted like raw shrimp from a sushi place.

Tod, who is not in the video, ate everything without batting an eye. I hope to get there some day.

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Jun 012010

I made this video for a new company I’ve been working with called Bee.tv. They do tv & movie recommendations and they have a free iphone app. I’ve been playing with it and it’s pretty cool. It was really fun coming up with which tv shows & movies to spoof. Some of them are more recognizable than others. Can you guess them all?

It took an hour to gather all the props and get my hair like this, and I only shot about 10 seconds of footage. Video is tough!

Spoof tv for bee.tv

You should definitely try out their service and check out their web site here. It’s still in private beta, so use invite code bee.karen to get access. Let me know what you think!

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May 262010

BaconCamp was a huge success and we raised about $1500 for the San Francisco Food Bank. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera at home. I’m ashamed – I didn’t take a single photo at BaconCamp. Good thing there are other more organized folks to step in:

beautiful folks enjoying porky products by gelaskins photo by rockbandit

The winningest super yummy bacon bloody mary by dennis. photo by Asylum (click for their article)

Pork abounded. We celebrated, we ate, we drank and we fundraised for a truly great cause and we documented the pig out of it.


And Mark made a video.

BaconNews on youtube

In case you missed the winners, I’ve posted them here

Thanks for coming out and helping, and for those who missed it, you support our cause every time you think of bacon.

And a super duper special thanks to our kickass sponsors:

  • Bacon Hot Sauce
  • Digital Dads
  • Dennis Mueller
  • GelaSkins
  • Stickergiant
  • Boccalone
  • Apr 052010

    It was cold and rainy all day today. I was going to hide eggs in the house and have a little hunt, but I got attacked by cute poofy chicks! Ahhh!

    Poofy chicks want revenge! on Youtube

    Special thanks to Dennis, who did a wonderful job as General Beakless and Jen who gave me the poofy chicks. Who knew they would be such terrors in the house?

    Did you notice the salt & pepper shakers? They’re peeps!!! Given my lifelong obsession with peeps, I had to have this adorable tableware by Lenox. My dream vacation would to have a private tour of the Just Born factory. I’ll definitely be scooping up a few extra peeps tomorrow to last me the rest of the year.

    Feb 172010

    Hey Atlas

    Macworld was tiny this year in comparison to previous years. I was able to see all the booths in about an hour, and that included dawdling longer than needed at many of them. The above statue is Atlas. Despite all the depictions of Atlas carrying the Earth, in Greek mythology, Atlas held up the heavens & separated it from Earth. I’m not exactly sure what the artist is trying to say with this piece — the iPod could be a representation of heaven (which was divine and far from perfect), or this sort of technology weighs us down. There was a time when I wanted to major in classical mythology.


    I made a few videos of all the stuff I saw.

    Macworld videos on Youtube

    By far the best things I saw was the minidv->HDMI cable from Kanex. It’s not sexy or showy, but this connector allows me to use a mac mini as a media center that I can connect to my HD tv. Hot.

    The other noteworthy gadget was the universal remote app for the Iphone. It’s very new and I don’t think it’s out yet. The app will require an infrared iphone case. Without getting into the techy dorky details, some media devices use IR to communicate with the remote, so in order for the iphone to become a universal remote it needs an extra accessory. I have a universal remote at home and it’s pretty confusing to use. The demo of the iphone app makes it look super easy.

    Where to purchase the toys in the videos:
    Bone flash drives
    Joby’s Gorillapod – This is a *must have* for anyone who owns a camera. You can wrap this tripod on anything which makes it much much much easier to take self portraits and long exposure night shots.
    Trexta – can’t find a place to buy those amazing little man ipod cases! :( I really want one
    iKit kickstand cases – will be available in about a month.

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    Feb 022010

    This one’s from iJ of us “begging” in front of the apple announcement. It was so much fun!

    Oh and she got to go to the reception and TOUCH IT! I went to work. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these things. I can’t stop thinking about it.

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    Jan 272010

    anyone? anyone? bueller?

    I was hanging outside the Apple announcement today with Justine. We tried but nobody gave us a press pass. Even though we didn’t get to see anything, I’m esploder over the product. They call it the iPad.

    hanging out at the announcement on youtube

    I’m absolutely thrilled about the new iPad. The wi-fi model is coming in 60 painful days, but I’d have to wait even longer for the 3g model- 90 days! I’m bathing in the kool-aid. Isn’t it lovely?

    The skinny:
    1/2 inch thick
    1.5 pounds
    9.7 inch IPS display (some fancy pants type of LCD)
    1GHz Apple “A4” chip
    speaker & microphone
    802.11 wifi
    accelerometer & compass

    Detailed specs at Apple

    What I want to know is, why no camera?

    cue heavenly music

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    Nov 042009

    Fantastico! on youtube

    I made edited this movie in 10 minutes on the bus on my iphone. I know you’re impressed.

    Reeldirector trimming a clip

    ReelDirector video editing iphone application ($7.99)

    holy crap, you can string a series of clips together on your freaking phone
    good variety of transitions, although you only really need fade and dissolve for most movies
    rendering was pretty fast

    Room for improvement:
    clipping or expanding a clip after the first trimming
    overlay audio – either a song or a voice over
    include pictures
    preview the entire movie before rendering
    split a clip – turn one clip into two

    Sad panda:
    My movie rendered in tallscreen mode. I’m really disappointed the program didn’t correctly detect the orientation of the videos.
    Can’t change to high quality option after you start adding clips

    Verdict: Not worth $8 yet, but hopefully they’ll have less buggy versions soon.

    In depth:
    When you open the app, you are presented with a list of your projects. It takes some experimentation to figure out what each field does, but it all makes sense after playing with it.

    Be sure to select high quality mode when you start – you can’t select it later. I can’t imagine why you’d want a low quality version, since the iphone camera is pretty low resolution to start with, but the default is off.


    Once you’re in the edit screen you’re presented with a mostly intuitive interface. Select the add button and you are presented with the videos from your library. The trimming feature on the clip is well done. Hold down the ends of the timeline and the filmstrip expands to allow you to crop with more precision. You must do your cropping in this screen. Once you chose the clip, you cannot re-crop or expand it (pity).

    In the filmstrip screen you can easily reorder your clips and add transitions to the beginning and end. The little ball allows you to scroll through all your clips, but it’s so hard to actually touch and drag it that it might as well not exist.

    reorder clips



    Back at the project screen, I was ready to export my movie. “Create” is a confusing option – I initially thought it meant I wanted to create a new project from my current project screen. Since the other two available options were “Delete” and “Properties”, I decide to try out “Create”. It actually renders the movie. I assume they chose the term “Create” because most users might not know what “render” or “export” means. You can’t share, play or save until you create. Once you “create” the movie, you could preview the entire thing. “Save” writes it to your photos area. This button seems completely unnecessary. Whenever I create a movie, it should save it to my photos area. I don’t need to save a photo every time I take a picture.


    The thumbnails on my clips were all upside down. I hoped it was a preview bug, and my movie would be oriented correctly once I “created” it. No such luck.

    Video rendered upsidedown

    Aside from the orientation bugs, which hopefully be smoothed out in the future, this is a darn cool application.

    Apr 122009

    Urban egg hunt on Youtube. Justine & I decided to hide some little treasures around the city for Easter. They were all gone the next day, so I’m sure they all found happy homes.

    In related Easter news, this made me esploder:

    The wizard of peeps

    The Wizard of Peeps diorama. Given my lifelong obsession with peeps & The Wizard of Oz, I am tempted to ask the creator to marry me. So much peep love.

    And here is the first video I put on the internet (lovingly made with Jumpcut in 2006):

    Peep experiment on Youtube

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday.


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