Mar 252008

Colorwar is of those silly memes that caught & spread on twitter like syphilis in the old world. People were dashing to join teams without even knowing what the war holds. (hmmm sounds familiar…)

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The first challenge involved taking a picture of one of the ro-sham-bo moves. I made a movie in addition to taking the photo. Anyway, I’m on plaidteam so join if you want to ‘play’.

Audio is by NIN. I’ve been looking forward to using their music on a video ever since Ghosts came out. Hell ya creative commons.

Mar 062008

Ashot explains how he shops on Amazon. It’s a pretty good method and I’ve started to do the same. Here are some of the things he actually bought through his process:
The Complete Far Side 1980-1994
Nikon D40
Griffin Headphone Adapter for iPhone
Senseo Coffee Pod System

He, saddly, does not have the Hello Kitty Toaster.

Paranoia aside Amazon is devilishly good at getting me to buy stuff by (1) holding things in my cart and (2) saving the things I looked at previously. I hate when I put things in my shopping cart, walk away for a few hours, and come back to an ‘expired session’. Usually I just give up on that site.

The video details
All the pictures are products from Amazon. I experimented with Pixelmator to compose the images used in this movie. (Some reviews if you’re interested) It’s a great application for general photo editing. In the past I’ve only used crop, resize and minor color tweaks.

While making these composites I found out that Pixelmator can’t make straight lines and the ‘glow’ feature didn’t work properly. I ended up finishing the last touches with Photoshop (Pixelmator can save as psd, which is pretty cool). For me, Pixelmator is not a Photoshop replacement, but I will continue to use Pixelmator since it loads faster than Photoshop.

Feb 252008

Twatter still makes me smile. Don’t forget to note the beautifully drawn background graphic.

I’m not going and I will hate all your ‘tweets’ about what/who you are doing while you are there. Twitter, I’m still waiting for groups please. I didn’t plan on going early enough, and with the recent traveling and my sister’s wedding, I don’t have the resources to go. I’m not crying. After all, living in SF allows me plenty of opportunities for geek-a-thons (and I still spend most of my time napping).

I would be interested in going to sxsw next year for the music portion since I’ve never been to a large music festival (I hate feeling stuck so I avoid huge crowds). If I’m going to feel trapped in a crowd I might as well do it in an unfamiliar city.

Feb 152008

We launched. Here’s a playlist of all my videos on yahoo. I may try to upload all the videos I have, but they’re scattered over multiple computers and hard drives. Click fullscreen and just sit back and enjoy.

If you have a yahoo account, sign in and edit your profile. Add me as a contact and send us feedback

It’s on

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Dec 142007
My most viewed photos yesterday

Flickr now has statistics on your photos. I usually don’t write about web site features, but I’ve been waiting for this one for forever. I’m not a stats fiend (it can sometimes encourage unnecessary competitive behavior. We can all be number one, right?), but it is absolutely fascinating to see how many views I got on a specific photo yesterday, or what domains are linking to my photos. When I added the stats application, it said it could take up to 24hrs to munch my stats, but I checked back 20 mins later and it was up.

If you’re even the tiniest bit active on Flickr it’s worth checking out. The ‘most viewed all time’ section has always been available (under your photos->popular->view sort), so what’s your most viewed photo of today? This is mine.

Go Flickr!

Nov 122007

We met on the internet (except for Rinzable who is Coley’s sister. I think they met in the crib). Though Kevin and I work 100 ft from each other, we chatted online before we spoke in person. Yes, I know that is totally dorky. I met Coley and Faruk on iilwy, which we have all since abandoned.


By the way, I think cupcakes are so awesome, and are bringers of so much joy that I have decided to call them happycakes. Sweet, sweet happy cakes.

Oct 012007

I’m in Chicago for the next few days for the AdobeMAX conference. It’s geekfest galore, which is excellent. Yesterday the weather was amazing, but today it’s rainy and cold. Poo.

Max’s twitter would be much better if there were good consistent cell service. Here’s day 1.

Of course, while I’m in Chicago, Justine‘s in San Francisco. I’m really disappointed that we can’t hang out, since we have so much fun together. Clearly, Justine just needs to move to SF–we can then eat candy together all the time.

Apr 242007

The Webby Awards celebrate the best of the web every year and Jumpcut has been nominated in three categories. heres the skinny.

Broadband – Sites fully integrating bandwidth-intensive interactive content
Services – Sites that enable real world activities online
Interactive Advertising – for the Doritos Crash The Superbowl campaign

In addition to official selections, the Webby Awards give out a “People’s Voice” award based on votes from people like you. Here’s what you need to do to cast your vote:

1. Go to webby awards and create an account.
2. Activate your account by clicking on the link in the email that they send you
3. Vote for us.

Tell the world you love us, because we certainly love you :)

Apr 032007

It seems as if everyone I know who wants an invite has one. In case there are people out there still interested, I have 5. The only catch is you have to tell me where my invites are. I clicked on every page on the site while logged in and I couldn’t find how to use my invites. I’ve seen the page before, so I’m completely baffled that I couldn’t find it this time around.

Just reply to this post to get an invite.

Update: Sorry guys! I’m out of invites :(