freshman year: revisited

I’ve been spending some time with my new roommates and they’re all really nice and cool. I’m pleasantly surprised. Yesterday I wanted to go to a discotecca (dance club), but people weren’t willing to pay for the cab ride home. It’s weird adjusting to people who are willing to pay 4e for a beer but not for a cab. I recently found out that many of them are under 21, so I guess the novelty hasn’t worn off yet. They pound wine to get drunk; weird… I love finally being one of the older ones, though.

The girls here are far more awesome than my freshman dorm mates. They’re not total princesses intent only on drinking and looking for Italian boys. Well, except for this one girl… The other night we went out to one of the plazas to have drinks and gelatto. We bumped into another group of guys and girls and this one girl was really intent on finding Italian guys. She picked up these two who lead us to the Campo di Fiori. They were pretty sketchy and not attractive. She kept on wanting to go off with them, so we went with here because we were worried about her safety. She obviously wasn’t. Eventually she ended up with a bar with the guys and we went home. Fortunately, she got home safely, but I thought she was being very careless. I’m not used to this kind of stupidity since all of my friends at home know how to take care of themselves.

Any recommendations on what I should use to put my photos on the web?

Serenaders outside

I’ve made it to Rome! My back is a little achy, but other than that everything is fine. It’s warm and humid and there are some english speaking Italian men playing the guitar outside. Sometimes it’s random and sounds pretty bad, but it’s very cute. “You think you’re so special, so very special, but I’m a freak!” I think they are practicing for some special lady.

I haven’t had the chance to explore much, but my initial impression of it is that it’s like SF, but with more bad drivers. There’s lots of pedestrians and cute boutiques. The apartment we’re staying in is small (as expected), but comfy. I have 4 female room mates. I hope they’re not the scary kid of girls that I can’t get along with. They seem nice thus far.

I have no cell access so it’s not worth trying to call me. I may get an internet phone or an Italian cell phone.


I just read a few posts from a few journals and good god are they boring. It makes me wonder if my posts evoke the same feeling of I want to run away from society and live in a box. That being said, here is a detailed account of what I’ve been doing lately:

– randomly hopped a cable car. It was a goregous day, why not?
– now the proud owner of a ‘Fairly Odd Parents’ lunch box and red-framed 70’s style sun glasses.
– reading ucb and various journals
– packing packing packing. This never seems to end. I’m currently at the unpacking phase. Do I really need to bring 2 white button down shirts? But one of them has lace trim! I don’t REALLY need 15 sweaters. etc etc. I feel like I have a litter of puppies and I’m killing off the least adorable ones.

It hasn’t quite hit me that I’m leaving yet. In 48 hours I will be strangling loud babies uh… I mean sitting quietly reading The Davinci Code.

There’s a weight limitation on my luggage and carry on. Wouldn’t it be better to have an overall weight cap that includes you and everything you bring? I mean, a really large person gets to bring 140lbs worth of stuff and I can bring the same, but I weigh 200lbs less. That’s a lot of weight that I’m helping to pay. I know I may piss some people off by saying that, but it’s just a random thought. I’m really quite socalist, and 140lbs is a lot of stuff. I’m shooting for 100 max.

Who am I? Can I conceal myself forever more?

It seems as if I have lost my head. I just moved out of my Berkeley room and am now going through a ‘OMG, do I actually want to leave the country’ crisis. I am stuck at home again, but fortunately, have not yet died of boredom. I need to repack and figure out what I need/want to bring. How much of ‘this’ me should I leave behind? Am I not leaving enough room for ‘future’ me? For the first time, I am aprehensive.

Sadly, I will miss Icka’s party. I will likely be cleaning the house or something equally pathetic this Saturday instead. I am just the little-est bitter.

The B&W ball was fabulous. There was some tasty food (though we completely missed the dessert area, we stole some Krispy Kremes) and the crowd was younger than I expected. Maybe in two years, we can get all of our friends to come.

I want to see Les Mis, and I am behind on email.

the amusing power of the csua motd

My favorite thread thus far:

5/16 Why is bonnie@csua calling me her bitch?
\_ Why do you believe everything you see in the From: line?
\_ If you are/were karen’s bitch (and who isn’t), you are, by
\_ At least one CSUA alum comes to
extension, bonnie’s bitch. – jvarga
\_ Really, it’s explained in the email.
\_ And I, for one, welcome our new CSUA overlords

BTW I think Bonnie is super-awesome and is doing a great job at being the new mentoring dictator (er director) Go Bonnie! :)