Nov 192008

Austin… what can I say? It was really weird. The story for Austin is full of silliness and definitely worth checking out. Watch episode 1 to get a taste of the absurdity:

Lost in America-Austin:cookies! (ep1) from Karen on Vimeo.

The other episodes are on my vimeo channel and a behind the scenes post about Austin here. Photos and more photos in case you’re not sick of us yet.

Nov 062008

For the last few months Justine and I have been running around together shooting videos for At&t. The videos for our Anchorage trip are finally up.

I’ve posted episode 2 below.

Lost in America – Hot Dog/Cold dog (ep2) from Karen on Vimeo.

Gotta say, I love video quality preservation on Vimeo. You can watch all the episodes here. Photos of the Anchorage trip here and here.

I always have a ton of fun working with Justine and this project was especially interesting. The Studio 8 guys wrote, shot and edited. I absolutely love those guys. They make a lot of videos and the videos are uncomfortably hilarious. Professional, organized, and adorable.<3 Although, Brock might be the unibomber...

Oct 202008

I’m currently in Chicago filming our last installment of the At&t series. I absolutely love Chicago and I’m really glad to be back here. One of the first things we did was to take an architecture boat tour. It was fantastic. Check out this video I made while we were on the boat:

I am fascinated with architecture, so this was especially a treat. I learned a lot from the tour. The guide said Art Deco, Post Modern, and Chicago school quite a bit.

The curve of this building mimicks the curve of the river. It is divided in two and the other side is angular, to mimick the city blocks. That style is called contextualism. Yes I learned this on the tour.
This is soooo contextual

This building is so big, it has it’s own zip code! It’s called the Merchandise Mart and is over 4 million square feet.
This building

More photos of the tour and our trip here. One of the buildings has a freeway going right through it, and the building was built before the road. Crazy.

Sep 292008

Justine and I are currently in Austin, TX shooting for the next installment of our At&t lost in america series. Videos from Anchorage are going to come out any day now.

Second floor of the Cathedral of Junk

One of the highlights of our day was visiting the Cathedral of Junk. This place is absolutely amazing. I could spend all day here looking at all the things that make up this building. Wheels, toys, vacuums, you name it; it’s there. I even saw an old-school Nintendo control. The cathedral is multi-level and there are many little nooks to sit and admire all the junk. He is currently building a wheelchair accessible ramp and a new balcony. Check out this video for a little tour.

In the evening we were part of an Improv show called Stool Pidgeon at Coldtown Theater. I was pretty nervous about being onstage. Fortunately, you can’t see the audience from the stage so it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be.

At the show

Rachel and her roomie Arianna drove for 3+ hours to go to the show. They’re awesome.
The day started really early and ended very late. I was exhausted and had a great time.