May 262010

BaconCamp was a huge success and we raised about $1500 for the San Francisco Food Bank. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera at home. I’m ashamed – I didn’t take a single photo at BaconCamp. Good thing there are other more organized folks to step in:

beautiful folks enjoying porky products by gelaskins photo by rockbandit

The winningest super yummy bacon bloody mary by dennis. photo by Asylum (click for their article)

Pork abounded. We celebrated, we ate, we drank and we fundraised for a truly great cause and we documented the pig out of it.


And Mark made a video.

BaconNews on youtube

In case you missed the winners, I’ve posted them here

Thanks for coming out and helping, and for those who missed it, you support our cause every time you think of bacon.

And a super duper special thanks to our kickass sponsors:

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  • Digital Dads
  • Dennis Mueller
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  • Mar 292009

    I stopped by the bacon yogurt celebration a few weeks ago. The stuff is tasty.

    Doc Pop’s Bacon Yogurt on Youtube

    Only 2 more days to eat the delicious Bacon, maple, cereal yogurt at YoCup. Try it before it’s gone! If you don’t live in San Francisco, just add the ingredients to some plain yogurt, and it’s almost the same experience.

    Speaking of bacon and dessert, Heather Lynch took the grand prize at BaconCamp for her Maker’s Mark Ice Cream with a Maple Caramel Swirl and Candied Bacon Bits. I didn’t make it out to to the event (yes, it was my baby, but so it goes), and I’m hoping Heather will make another batch soon so I can taste it. Yum!

    photo by Edrabbit

    BTW BaconCamp kicked major ass. 40+ presentations, 9 prizes, 300+ people, $1500+ raised for AHA. I am thoroughly pleased. Expect another BaconCampSF in a few months. Check out the blog for more details about the past event, and some photos on flickr.

    Jan 222009

    I am on a Diet Series~, originally uploaded by elsakawai™.

    Inspired by Arial Waldman‘s cupcakecamp (which was in turn, inspired by barcamp), I’m thinking of hosting baconcamp. I recently attended Baconfest, which was SO MUCH AWESOME. It would be fun to bring this celebration of all things bacony to this geek community. However, I’m not sure if there would be enough interest in it, so I made this little poll.

    Technically, it’s 2 polls. A 2 question poll is considered a “survey” to polldaddy, and you can’t embed those things on a blog. They are popus. *shudder*

    What you can do to make baconcamp a reality:
    — pass this poll (these polls?) around. The more interest in it, the more likely I will execute.
    — email me at karen[at]karenism[dot]com if you want to help organize

    BTW, the above photo by Elsa is one of my favorite bacon photos ever.

    Oct 222008
    bacon apple pie

    I made a bacon apple pie for baconfest. I used about a pound of bacon for the 8 inch pie. There is no top crust because I was feeling lazy, although the apples dried out a little in the oven. Next time I will put a top crust. I bacon-bitted (chopped & cooked) the majority of the bacon and threw them in with the sliced apples, some lime and cornstarch to marinate. When the pie was close to done I laid a few strips of cooked bacon on top. When making your own crust, I discovered it is much better to use pastry flour instead of all purpose. The crust comes out less bread-like and flakier.

    Other foods at the party included sushi, mac & cheese, stuffed mushrooms, cookies and pancakes, all with bacon in them. The list is huge, but I’ll stop here. I mentioned offhand that it would be great to have a site with all the bacon recipes for the year with photos, comments, and whatnot. Steve23 told me I should make it happen and that “this is a do-ocracy”. The statement really struck a chord with me. Good ideas are cheap and it’s all about the follow through. I’m at a point where I feel like so many parts of my life are out of my control, and it’s really nice to be reminded that this is just a perception issue.

    Bacon man

    Aside from the art, costumes and fireshows, what I love about burningman is that everyone is encouraged to contribute. It could be as simple as bringing treats to give to people and scales up to making some giant flashing flaming thingy. This type of creative energy and empowerment is exactly what I need right now. I don’t go out much these days, and I am so very very glad I chose to go to this event. Not only did I get to spend time with some of my closest friends, I ate more bacon in an eve than anyone should in a month.

    I only have one photo, since I find the flash of the camera is sometimes disruptive and distracting. Bacon Man was made by Diva & Steve with 30 pounds of bacon. More Bacon Man photos here

    Oct 132008

    chunks of delicious bacon

    I’ve been spending a lot of my free time playing with bacon. Prather Ranch bacon is so far my favorite. The Niman Ranch variety is comparable. However, I found it strange that Niman Ranch isn’t a place as I always assumed, but a concept. Being heavily interested where my food comes from, this bothers me a little (though not enough to not buy their stuff).

    Whenever I’m handling thick delicious bacon like the above, I am tempted to eat it before it’s cooked. It just looks and smells so good and it doesn’t look raw. Thus far, my hypochondriac germaphobe nature has prevented be from doing so. This post is nothing more than short homage to bacon. I love it.

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