Feb 182009

I can bake really quickly:

Cupcake baking and frosting on youtube

Normally I don’t use a box mix, but I thought that it would be quicker. The caramel frosting came out a bit runnier than I expected. I halved the recipe, and I don’t think my kitchenaid could properly whip the frosting when there was less of it in the bowl. Next time I will use a hand mixer.

I basically followed the recipe on the box. In general I use local or organic ingredients for all my cooking. In case the recipe in the video is too hard to follow, here are detailed instructions.
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Jan 122009

What to do with leftover candycanes on Youtube

Jumpcut has been going through some changes, and has recently shut off upload to the site. This is unfortunate, but at least you can still watch your movies…

Well, not all of them. Some of my movies are missing clips, so there’s black spaces between clips when watching. I recently looked back on one of my favorite videos, only to find it broken. I made the above video more than a year ago and used Jumpcut to add the title screens. I decided that this movie was worth my time to fix, and by “fix”, I mean “recreate”. I dug up the original clip, screen grabbed the titles, audio-hijacked the audio, and made the above video. The cracks and pops in the audio really bother me, but I can’t find the original song.

SnapZ Pro panel
SnapZ Pro panel

Aside from recreating the video, which as an understandable pain, you can get your movies off of jumpcut from screen recording. This is inelegant, but effective. There will be some quality loss, but at least you get the video. On a mac I use SnapZPro. I got it as part of a bundle of mac software, so it didn’t cost me $69. The price seems a bit high for how I use it. I’m sure there are many features I have yet to discover. However, I have tried many free versions of video capture, and none of them worked very well. On a pc I’ve used Cam Studio, which is totally free and doesn’t crash. Before I got SnapZPro, I would turn on my old pc just to use Cam Studio.

Positioning the capture window
Positioning the video capture window

You don’t want to do anything with your computer while it’s capturing, so as not to affect the playback. The video will likely be very big once it is captured. The file was about 2 gigs for this video. It’s worth re-encoding the video to make it significantly smaller before uploading it to another site.

Long live Jumpcut (in our hearts).


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May 182007

Last Saturday I got to chat with Adam Jackson on his podcast dailytechtalk. You can listen to us discuss online video and how hard it is to make movies. I would love if you took a chance to listen to it–it was a lot of fun:

Who’s going to the Maker Faire? Dennis and I are going on Sunday. I hear that flickr has a booth where they’ll take polaroids of you. Yes, we’re missing Bay to Breakers. I’m not crying about that one.

Tonight (or possibly tomorrow morning) I’m going to do a little ustream experiment–I’ll be baking a pumpkin pie tonight and I thought it would be fun to have some virtual company in the kitchen. It’ll be fun if you’d like to join me.

Jan 082007

My latest movie:

I really enjoy making these short movies. It’s so much fun to film and edit and I’m learning a lot.

This movie was much faster to film but took a few hours to edit. I used my digital camera and my isight to shoot it from 2 different angles (multiple cameras are awesome), but the result was that I had a ton of footage to sift through. It was difficult to make the editing look smooth since I made the angle shift every few seconds. The titles make that smoothness unnecessary for the most part, but here is the non-title clip that better illustrates my attempt at smoothness. I’m a little annoyed that in one of my shots the framing doesn’t give me enough space above my head, but it worked out fine.

Big things I learned in the past few days:

– putting a light behind the camera is a cheap and easy way to light up your whole scene.
– review all shots before cleaning up, because you might want to film something again.

-the isight is a little shitty because:
– resolution and framerate are low(ish)
– not enough feedback on whether or not you’re recording. one of my movies was never made because I ended up recording the parts I didn’t want and not recording the parts that I wanted.
– the isight is great because:
– you can see yourself on the screen which helps a lot with framing
– clips are instantly imported into imovie

I’m also giggly-excited about going to macworld, and meeting ijustine(!!!!!) I am so completely enamored with her.