Apr 092007

I finally made time to send out the moocards to andrew. The post office didn’t have any plain padded envelopes, so I ended up getting one with prints all over it. Then, after filling out the label, the woman told me it was the wrong one and I had to buy a label. Naturally, the only labels they had left said ‘happy birthday’ on them. The whole time I was there the woman kept grumbling about how she was tired of working overtime. Sweet.

UPDATE: Andrew has been inspired to make a meme-sharing site called Flashmeme. Check it out.

Mar 142007

For my sister’s birthday, Dennis and I took her and her fiance out for dinner at Aqua. This is one of those popular fancy restaurants that my sister has been talking about for years.
dishes I discuss:
raw hamachi with basil
pea soup
sturgeon with chickpea
skate with portabello
pot roast with prawns
creme brulee
chocolate tart
lemon souffle
poached pears

crappy cameraphone photos from topleft, clockwise: scallops, white sturgeon, beef with prawns, poached pears, soufle, tart

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Feb 212007

Today as I was munching on a Green & Black 70% bar it occured to me that all the foodies I know love dark chocolate. In true snob fashion, they all claim that white chocolate isn’t even chocolate, and milk is questionable at best. They (we perhaps?) consider chocolate candy in a completely different (and lower) class. Another claim is that those who like chocolate candy have not yet had a chance to sample quality chocolate. Everyone has their own tastes, but what I find odd about it all is that I have yet to meet a white chocolate evangalizer. Why is that?

While I was browsing Gourmet magazine, I stumbled on an article about a milk chocolate tasting contest. I haven’t had milk chocolate in a long time, but I’m open to trying a few of their top picks.

What are your favorite types/flavors/brands of chocolate? I love the scharffen berger nibs bar. I don’t like richart. Though beautiful, their tiny morsels have too much milk/cream in them so they taste more like truffles than chocolates.

I also discovered that there are people outside of my circle of friends who dislike ‘those fucking marina types’ who come to the Mission on the weekends to drink. I mean, really, can’t we all just get along?

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Dec 152005

Budapest was awesome! When I came to europe, I had no intentions of visiting, but I am so very glad I made it there. After spending a calm relaxing morning in the hostel with a guy from Alaska, we both go chocolate hunting. We took a long leisurely walk around the city, spending a large chunk of time at the Christmas Market. It consists of a series of stalls selling food, and crafts. This sounds a bit underwhelming, but the one in Budapest is the best I’ve seen yet. The artwork is amazing; jewelry, pottery, glass, ceramics, metal — all gorgeous, handmade, and really cheap (compared to how much it would sell at home). I drooled over everything and would have bought the entire market had I not had reasonable reservations about the transport of all the items. I also would rather spend money on travel than things. I fell in love with the ‘ironwork table’ where they sold pieces of the same style as Amy’s tea candle tree. As much as I tried to rationalize a beautiful leather and fur $100 purse (a I’m-going-hunting-in-the-woods, time period costume piece) that I know I could not find/afford at home, it just wasn’t practical. Ack! Why am I such a materialist?

So my wonderful experience in Budapest was not entirely determined by the things for sale. The feel of the city is much more tranquil than that of Milan. The people don’t stare and everyone smiles. I went to a spa the day before and saw a group of old men playing chess in the pool. SOo cute! Not to mention that the hot springs were heaven. I received a much need massage from a large Hungarian man and it felt like it lasted for hours. In addition, spending the following day with someone like Hunter was just what I needed. I asked him so many stupid questions about Alaska and he answered them all seriously and wasn’t offended. He was really sweet. We talked a lot about environmental policy and politics. We had hot wine and yummy pastries. BTW, does anyone know how to make this wine? I loved it.