Dec 282008

It’s been pretty cold lately (as in, 40 degrees at night! gasp!) and I’ve been trying all sorts of method to stay warm. I regularly wear several layers of socks, but I can’t bring myself to put on these adorable pink booties.

Let’s talk about booties on youtube

Even though the above video is not filmed in HD, it is available to watch in “high quality”. To get the higher quality video on youtube, I’ve been encoding my movies with the h.264 codec using ffmpegx (a mac gui for the command line).

ffmpegx with h264 codec selected

When the site detects this codec as the encoding of your video, it can play your video as is, instead of converting it to an flv*. Some codecs cannot be played by the flash player, which is why they are converted and that process decreases the quality of the video.

*more specifically, the files are converted using the on2vp6 codec. There is a big difference between a codec and a format, but for simplicity, h264 videos -> mp4 extension; On2VP6/Sorenson -> flv. Further reading at wiki pedia