Nov 032007

Whew! Adobe max was great. I met a few fantastic people, including my east coast self, Ed Finkler. Terry, though flattering, is quite delusional as I am not anywhere as badass as Ed. Turns out that Grant Skinner (hotshot flash dude,) looks just like Scott Blonde from the back/side. I almost died when he turned and smiled at me, and then I realized it wasn’t Scott. It would have been neat to chat with Grant, except what would I say? “Hi, uhh, your blog has saved my ass…Do you have any maple syrup?”

Being there made me think that Adobe was the best company in the world, and everything they did was heaven-sent. The sneak-peek was probably my favorite event (see video. It contains little snippets about Visual Communicator, Photoshop Express, flash 10 features and Seam Carving), though I couldn’t tear myself away from the conference with all the fantastic talks.

In such a male-dominated industry, I feel like I should be wary of people who approach me, but meeting new people is _so awesome_. I love making new friends, but no, I’m not going to make out with anyone outside of a club who I met at a conference.


So here’s my creative solution: colored bracelets. Green indicates single and yellow indicates not single. Unsingle people can wear yellow. This idea is directly inspired by stoplight parties (Remember back in those college days where your shirt color indicated availability? Ya, those parties). If we were clearly marked, people could talk to each other with fewer assumptions. One problem I can see is that one green person may have trouble approaching another green person because #1 doesn’t want #2 to assume attraction.

I don’t think any conference would encourage such a rule, but it would be an interesting experiment. Perhaps the solution is better applied to the ‘looking for investors’ and ‘looking for investments’ problem. At least this would be applicable (and useful!) to more conference people than the single/not single problem.