Mar 122009

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been more than a month since I thought about organizing BaconCamp. It’s a little more than a week away, and I can’t wait. Everyone has been so supportive and helpful. I’m feeling and appreciating all the love.

Don’t forget to get your ticket early.
BaconCamp San Francisco
when: March 21, 2009 1pm-5pm
where: 500 3rd Street, Suite 510
cost: $0-20 donations – proceeds go to American Heart Association

Vanessa and I made this video to help you learn all about bacon:

We are still looking for more submissions for dishes and art so please tell your friends and sign up today. Sign up by Monday, March 16th so that we can guarantee you a spot and make sure you have what you need to shine.
You only have 4 days left! We’ll have a few open slots for presentations the day of, but you want to sign.

Need a little inspiration?Check out this post for ideas and suggestions of what you could present for BaconCamp

Scott also put together this great video of bacon memes:

BaconCamp – The Internet Bacon Meme in 60 Seconds from Bac' on Vimeo.

Hope to see you guys there!

Mar 112008

Here’s a video of some of the performances at the Edwardian Ball back in January (and pics).

Despite being incredibly sick, I had a fantastic time and saw a few of my favorite people. Since I was so busy having fun, I didn’t bother taking a lot of footage (which brings back the constant internal struggle between documenting and experiencing.) Everybody was fabulously dressed up and you couldn’t tell the difference between the performers and attendees. I love costume parties.

Feb 202008

photo by Dazzie D

Burnt Man

Last time I saw the eclipse I was sitting on soft cool sand between the man and the esplanade. Millions of stars twinkled around me, unfazed by the flaming art pieces scattered around our slice of desert. As the moon was completely covered, we heard shouting, commotion, and trucks kicking huge puffs of dust as they hurried past. A bullhorn: “The man is on fire! Everyone turn around. The man is burning!”

What a night.

The next lunar eclipse is three years from now, so it’s worth stepping outside. You can look at it directly without blinding yourself. The moon will be completely eclipsed from 7:01 – 7:51pm pacific. Aside from it’s beauty, you never know what could happen.

Jan 142008

For the last 7 years San Francisco has run Dine About Town to encourage people to go out in January (post holiday spending is traditionally low).

This is a great way to try a new restaurant or return to a place you love. Macworld is just around the corner so visitors can experience some of San Francisco’s tastiest restaurants at a reasonable price.

A 3 course lunch is $21.95 and dinner is $31.95 between January 15 and January 31.

I made a map of for all the restaurants that are participating. If you want to see it fill your screen go here.

View Larger Map

The map is bookmarked on my iphone so I can find a participating restaurant nearby and call/open table (yes open table is now a verb, as in: I open tabled for 7 at Mavericks tonight [photos review].) it while I’m out and about. It unfortunately loads a little slower than I would like. I added the special tag to make the phone numbers call-able on the iphone, but gmaps strips it out. Boooooo

I just *love* food and I want to make it easier for me (and perhaps some other people) to get things in my belly. (BTW I love Jo’s blog about restaurants. Sorry for never commenting.) If this map was useful to you, please let me know.

The coding stuff
For the first couple of restaurants, I manually copied and pasted info from the site to placemarks on gmaps. After about 10 minutes (and 3 restaurants) I noticed the “import” button. Ooooo kml. Scripting saves time, right? I spent about an hour writing a simple php script that extracts the url of each restaurant and then hits that restaurant page to grab the phone number, address, etc. It took me about 20 minutes to figure out why this kept returning 0:

$url = ” + $matches[0];

I thought I was going insane. Turns out I was just stupid. Php, it’s been too long since I’ve touched you. We need to touch more often.

Then it was time to turn the resulting restaurant array into kml. I make a test file and try to import via upload. It failed. Hmmm. After using one of their kml examples I found out that uploading fails every time. So I hosted the sample file, and the import worked. Instead of using <Point> (exact coordinates of the location) I wanted to use <address>. The documentation told me it would work. It seems to only work for one placemark. When I had 2 placemarks, only the first one imported and my maps title became ‘error’. I should have known that this was all a waste of time when the kml documentation kept hanging firefox.

And the blah blah blah with the mew mew. I ended up outputting my array into html and then manually copied and pasted the html onto each placemark. I’d love to know what is wrong with this kml in case I want to make more maps in the future. I’m sure it’s a lack of understanding on my part.

Nov 182007

I had a great time at the Songbird and Satisfaction Kubrick and Cupcake party on Thursday. It’s always nice to catch up with people I haven’t seen in a while. I haven’t been going out much lately (been working a ton), but if it’s a costume party or there are happy cakes I’m there. This event had BOTH. It was perfect. Highlights include:

photo by Terry

eating happy cakes
meeting my cousin (cuz, you know, all asians know each other and are related)
making faces with Skylar(see above photo by Terry)

guy: “what do you do?”
me: “I type, on a computer.” *makes typing motions with fingers*
guy: “you’re in marketing?”

No, but I do need a different description of what I do, or a really good fake job. Ramon suggested ‘Conceptual Artist’. Another possibility is ‘Digital Consumer’. Maybe I should tell people I work at a secret startup that’s going to revolutionize the web using new technologies that allow us to make extensible platform built on existing apis.

May 132007

It’s been quite a busy week.

On Saturday the lovely Miss Icka and Elaine came by to do a photo shoot. I was quite honored that they wanted to use our home as a set. There was drinks and fruit (naturally) and lots of fun. Here’s a little preview. I can’t wait to see the whole set. While they set up Dennis and I got our nails done. I absolutely love my sparkly barbie-pink toenails.

Street fest
Sunday Morgan, Dennis and I decided to stand outside in the full blazing sunlight (easily 90 degrees) for a few hours at the How Weird fest. There was some good music and I tried a french doughnut for the first time. The little vendor stands sold some fantastic hand-made clothing and jewelery, but I decided against buying anything in anticipation of next week’s tentative shopping plans. We bumped into a number of wonderful friends and I found out that Juicy and Steve23 are getting married. Congrats to them.


After unsuccessfully poking at a few people to join me, I attend the Moo Meetup alone. Since I’ve been to a few geek-ish events before, I found a few people I knew including James (hotornot) and Brian Caldwell. Lane Hartwell was there, but she was surrounded by people. I’d like to meet her at some point. She takes such lovely photos. Yummy snack plates floated around piled with samosas, avocado sushi, dumplings, fruit tarts, chocolate covered strawberries, and other treats. A very sweet server named Ryan made me a plate of sushi with wasabi and ginger after finding out that I wasn’t interested in the meat appetizers. Drinks were on the house, but I wisely refrained from having more than one.

I picked up a bag of treats on my way out. One of the candies looked like it was encased styrofoam, but due to my willingness to try anything (especially if it smells like sweet tarts), I found out it was just thick rice paper. The inside was filled with pixie stick dust. Yum. The blue-flash disposible camera is begging to be used. I also got some adorable moo notecards, a much-needed moocard container, a livejournal pencil (um an online blogging site gives out pencils? I can’t remember the last time I saw a pencil sharpener. I think I’ll use it to poke my coworkers) and other nicknacks.

Wednesday night I managed to get tickets to the SF film fest Golden Gate Award Ceremony at Cowell Theater. The appetizers were fantastic. They had goodies from Yoshi’s (I think the guy was offended that I called his amazing sushi snacks), Ramblas, La Mediterranee, Sky Vodka, Glacieu and some others. Yoshi’s tuna sashimi was deelish. I haven’t been there in a really long time, but I think a trip is needed in the near future.

Right before the ceremony starts I bumped into a filmmaker I met in Tribeca. Small world. Inside the theater the screen was rotating through all the logos of the sponsors. There is something about seeing the jumpcut logo on a giant screen that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. After they announced the winner of the jumpcut-run Greenworld contest, I quickly got bored and left for the afterparty at Mighty. I turned into a pumpkin before I saw Halou, but they music is pretty good. On my way out I scooped up a bag full of more goodies. The best treat was definitely the canvas bag itself, which I will be using for my groceries.

Whew! This weekend all I want to do is sleep.

Apr 012007

Sunday is Saint Stupid parade! Who’s going & when? I’m a little conflicted between going to the parade and learning how to make fruit infused vodka. I would like a ride down to the boys tomorrow if anyone is going down.

I bought tix for d-dolls June 29 at the Greek. I don’t like that venue, but I love the band too much.Cyndi Lauper, Erasure, Debbie Harry, The Gossip and Margaret Cho are on the performance list. I can’t wait to see the d-doll fans and Lauper fans together.

The show’s $50 (freaking ticketmaster..). I have 1 extra ticket. For some strange reason Dennis isn’t interested in going to Berkeley to an outdoor venue to see Cyndi Lauper. I can’t imagine why.

De La Soul and Zion at the Red Devil Lounge on April 3. Anyone interested? Some of my study abroad friends are going and I’m considering it.

Kid Beyond at Cafe Du Nord. Dennis and I will go if we’re both free.

Mar 162007

jumpcut movie:kay-suh-DILL-ahA few weeks ago I went down to visit my friend Andrea, and it happened to be the same weekend Justine went to visit Groovr This is a snipet of what it’s like to be around me and justine.

jumpcut movie:Move it, move itAt work we have just finished moving from our old, cramped space into the new building. I met a really nice game developer named Rez who works on the same floor. There is also a modeling agency around the corner and wired magazine is two floors down.

jumpcut movie:network2 rocksVanessa and I submitted a film to network2. We had to answer the question: “How do you watch internet tv?” We don’t exactly answer the question, but here’s the result:

jumpcut movie:My Date With JumpcutLast week Justine came to visit, and, as usual, we had a fantastic time. Here is a movie about her date with Jumpcut

I had every intention of attending Massive but I took a nap at 8pm to prepare for the late night. Unfortunately, I didn’t wake up until the following morning. It sounded like a lot of fun. Sorry I missed you guys. On Sunday Dennis and I went to Golden Gate Park to have a picnic. We strolled through the Japanese tea garden, which was somewhat crowded that day. It was apparently too beautiful for people to remain indoors.

Tonight I’m off to a Zivity gathering. Hopefully I’ll see some of you guys there.

Jan 042007

Kid Beyond and The Lovemakers at the Independent Jan 19. How exciting! Two performs I like playing at the same show. Kid Beyond is a badass beatboxer (he performed at Evilution if anyone remembers that far back).

Is anyone interested in Snow Patrol and Ok Go at Bill Graham? I’m conflicted because the tix are $35 + $9 (fucking livenation…). I like both bands but is it worth that much at Bill Graham?