The bulletin board lists 7 or so classrooms for the location of my exam. As I walk away, wondering how I know which classroom I’m supposed to be in, I see an old class mate. I turn and we smile at each other and in doing so, I miss the first stair and go tumbling down all 5. The entire hall goes silent. Yep, it’s one of those embarrassing moments where I just want to disappear into the ground. Two very sweet guys help me up.

Falling didn’t give me any insight on where my test was, so I called a classmate. She concludes that we are in room 201. We are sitting in the classroom and the students are very rowdy. They occasionally do the wave, and are constantly hollering at each other from across the room. They all start clapping occasionally. I turn to the guy next to me and ask him why everyone is clapping. “They’re clapping for the students sitting in the front row”. Oh, of course…??? Eventually the professor shows up and we realize we’re in the wrong class. We go to the international office (which is luckily on the same floor) and ask Paolo (the most amazing man it the world) how to find the location of our test. He tells us about the board downstairs. After we insist that there are no prof names nor section numbers associated with the classrooms, he goes downstairs with us to look. He examines the board, shrugs his shoulders and tells us just to look in each listed classroom for our professor. I am secretly cursing Italy again as I start to stress about the test. On the third try we find him. We sit down in the front row and the professor starts explaining the questions to us. Everyone starts laughing. Hm… I just assume the reason is that we’re foreigners and they are mocking our general inadequacies at adapting to Italy.

After the test, I stopped one of my peers in the class and ask him why everyone was laughing. He told me that people who end up sitting in the front row are either suckers or really brave. You can’t cheat in the front row, so it is the worst place to sit.

*pictures are in the process, I swear

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