Jan 182009

I’m looking forward to checking out the The Disposable Film Festival at the end of this month. It’s a celebration of crappy video; the kind that’s produced by cell phones, point & shoots, webcams etc. Submissions are, unfortunately, closed. (Oops! I really should have written this sooner). I can’t wait to see what people have submitted.

One of the things that makes this kind of jerky, fuzzy, low quality video interesting is the editing and filtering. A few neat tricks, and a cool song can drastically change something from mundane to worthwhile. I often don’t know what to do with this kind of video since it’s only interesting to me or the few involved. I have a lot of footage of museum excursions and concerts. I also take lots of photos of random things I find on the ground. If I share it, it is off my hard drive, and we’re gathered around my computer. I believe there is a space for livejournal-like group filtering for video. Not everyone wants random strangers to view their videos; most just want to show their buddies the clip of when they lit their farts on fire (not that I’ve ever seen or shared such a clip…).

Here’s a video by the organizers of the festival that I particularly liked.

SCENE: San Francisco from Disposable Film Festival on Vimeo.

The brisk pace keeps it engaging, and they mitigated a lot of camera shake by slowing pieces down or speeding them up. Watching this was a bit of a game – How many places can you identify in the video?

Write yours down. No cheating! All the ones I saw after the cut.
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May 132007

It’s been quite a busy week.

On Saturday the lovely Miss Icka and Elaine came by to do a photo shoot. I was quite honored that they wanted to use our home as a set. There was drinks and fruit (naturally) and lots of fun. Here’s a little preview. I can’t wait to see the whole set. While they set up Dennis and I got our nails done. I absolutely love my sparkly barbie-pink toenails.

Street fest
Sunday Morgan, Dennis and I decided to stand outside in the full blazing sunlight (easily 90 degrees) for a few hours at the How Weird fest. There was some good music and I tried a french doughnut for the first time. The little vendor stands sold some fantastic hand-made clothing and jewelery, but I decided against buying anything in anticipation of next week’s tentative shopping plans. We bumped into a number of wonderful friends and I found out that Juicy and Steve23 are getting married. Congrats to them.


After unsuccessfully poking at a few people to join me, I attend the Moo Meetup alone. Since I’ve been to a few geek-ish events before, I found a few people I knew including James (hotornot) and Brian Caldwell. Lane Hartwell was there, but she was surrounded by people. I’d like to meet her at some point. She takes such lovely photos. Yummy snack plates floated around piled with samosas, avocado sushi, dumplings, fruit tarts, chocolate covered strawberries, and other treats. A very sweet server named Ryan made me a plate of sushi with wasabi and ginger after finding out that I wasn’t interested in the meat appetizers. Drinks were on the house, but I wisely refrained from having more than one.

I picked up a bag of treats on my way out. One of the candies looked like it was encased styrofoam, but due to my willingness to try anything (especially if it smells like sweet tarts), I found out it was just thick rice paper. The inside was filled with pixie stick dust. Yum. The blue-flash disposible camera is begging to be used. I also got some adorable moo notecards, a much-needed moocard container, a livejournal pencil (um an online blogging site gives out pencils? I can’t remember the last time I saw a pencil sharpener. I think I’ll use it to poke my coworkers) and other nicknacks.

Wednesday night I managed to get tickets to the SF film fest Golden Gate Award Ceremony at Cowell Theater. The appetizers were fantastic. They had goodies from Yoshi’s (I think the guy was offended that I called his amazing sushi snacks), Ramblas, La Mediterranee, Sky Vodka, Glacieu and some others. Yoshi’s tuna sashimi was deelish. I haven’t been there in a really long time, but I think a trip is needed in the near future.

Right before the ceremony starts I bumped into a filmmaker I met in Tribeca. Small world. Inside the theater the screen was rotating through all the logos of the sponsors. There is something about seeing the jumpcut logo on a giant screen that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. After they announced the winner of the jumpcut-run Greenworld contest, I quickly got bored and left for the afterparty at Mighty. I turned into a pumpkin before I saw Halou, but they music is pretty good. On my way out I scooped up a bag full of more goodies. The best treat was definitely the canvas bag itself, which I will be using for my groceries.

Whew! This weekend all I want to do is sleep.

May 102007

Tribeca has long finished, but I still wanted to share a few stories

I arrived Wed eve so that I could document the opening party. The traffic was horrendous from the airport, so I was running late. I quickly get ready, rush out the door, hop into a cab, and… sit in more traffic. I am almost at the BMCC theater when I realize that I had left my cell at the hotel. With no way to meet up with my contact (who had my press pass) I turn around and go back. I burst into my room, madly looking for that little chunk of plastic and metal to which I am completely enslaved. It’s shiny red surface laughs at me as I scoop it up from the bathroom sink. I dash out of the room as I call my contact. Downstairs in the full lobby I head straight for the escalator at full speed–*smack!* It was me versus the glass pane and I lost. On top of that, the event is wrapping up, so there’s no need for me to go anymore. Waiting for the elevator I notice that the elevator-man is looking at me. “It’s one of those days,” I sigh. “I saw,” he says sympathetically.

Yummy apple
After some moping, dinner, and more moping I decide to go to the apple store. That’ll cheer me up. What’s more fun than the apple store? A 24/7 apple store! After my brilliant performance of Agorophobia I do some more dancing and singing on ustream (9 minutes in I sing What a Wonderful World, 26 mins I make funny faces, somewhere in there I sing grr’s song).
When I decide to stop streaming, several people come up to me to chat. *blahblahblah* Finally I walk back to the hotel around 3am. I manage to upload a bunch of video as I prepare for bed.

May 042007

I didn’t see these at the Tribeca film fest–I found them on vyc. I have a lot of thoughts about my trip, though I’ve been too busy to write them down. I’ve caught a cold and have been operating at around 50% efficiency. Hopefully this weekend I’ll feel better and have a bit of time.

I am an apartment building:

A funny thing happened at the Quick Mart:

Apr 232007

I’ll be in NY to help cover the Tribeca Film Festival. Here is the ridiculous hotel that I’ll be staying in. At first I didn’t intend to spend much time at the hotel, but it’s so pretty I feel like I have to take some time out to swim in their pool or something.

Here’s my flight plan:
From: SFO 8:00 am, Wednesday, April 25
To: JFK 4:37 pm, Wednesday, April 25

From: JFK 3:30 pm, Saturday, April 28
To: SFO 6:39 pm, Saturday, April 28

We will be filming like crazy. In addition to trying to be in the middle of all the action, one of my goals is to make at least one movie a day which will be posted on jumpcut. I will try my hardest to check in with Groovr and Twitter my progress. I may even update my blog as I go. What can I say, I’m feeling ambitious today.

I was hoping that Justine and Dez would be able to come out, but it sounds like Justine is going to be on this side of the coast while I’m on the other.

All three of us got to spend some time together when they were here for the Web2.0 expo. Videos will be coming shortly. Sometimes I feel like my videos and photos give a better summary of what I’m doing than this journal.