Sep 242008
OWC external hard drive

One of my big complaints in the last year has been “I don’t have any hard drive space.” My computer has a 120g hd, but that’s not much since I capture a ton of video. My hd was so full that I started to run into problems. It was really slow, exchange stopped downloading mail, I couldn’t back up my iphone, and I couldn’t put any new media on my computer. It’s been many months and I have tried several solutions, but I nothing worked quite right. Finally I have found a pretty good solution.

Here’s the summary: Buy a few external hard drives (duh! I bought a few of these from OWC based on a recommendation by Tantek), and sync with Super Duper (paid version).

If anyone has any hardware or softare recommendations, or alternate solutions I’d love to hear them. I’m pretty happy with this method right now but it could always be better.

Stories about my attempts, problems, and how I use SuperDuper after the cut
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Aug 212008

Grace hopper in 1952
I was quite amused by this article

Every few months, I am reminded that I am a woman. Not just any woman, mind you, but a woman in games

As a woman and, yes, a woman in games, I don’t think about my gender any more than you probably do yours, unless someone brings it to my attention.

When I was in college a professor once spoke to me about his concern about the segregation of female students in our department (I was a representative of a geek club otherwise I don’t think anyone would have talked to me…). He wanted the women to mingle more both socially and on projects and stressed the importance of equal treatment for all students because IRL the boys and girls will need to learn to deal with each other. Fortunately, it turns out that this is hardly an issue.

I’ve never had any interest in joining any Women in Tech social clubs (what’s the point? Hey, lets get together and talk about how boys are smelly…), but I’d love to join Awesomeness in Tech, if anyone wants to invite me. :)

Jun 102008

The group workout is my favorite part. I love making movies with Justine.

A big thanks to the guys who were willing to be fun and silly on camera. They got adorably excited when they found out Micah designed the new comment system at Digg. Many of the guys in the video developed Tooble. They’re high school kids! Quite impressive. I didn’t try the app, as I have little interest in downloading shitty quality content off youtube. It would be cool if they could hook up rss subscription to it so you don’t have to individually pick each video. With all the rss converters out there you could make youtube feeds for any interest. Neat.

Jan 282008
raspberry lemon drop

I’m not a big drinker but I’ve learned that tipping well for the first drink often gets you better service the rest of the night. If the bar is crowded or will be crowded later in the night it is especially worth leaving a few extra bucks for those hard-working bartenders. Imagine this:

An hour into your bar-perience and you just started chatting up a nice girl. You think you’re taking stealthy glances at her cleavage but she knows you’re looking. She lets you buy her a drink. The bartender needs to decide who to serve first: The loud waving jerkoff who got 3 mixed drinks and left behind the 0.50 from his yuppie food stamp or the politely smiling dude who dropped you $5 for his pbr. The jerkoff continues waving, and the dude hands the Cosmo to the cute girl.

Geek parties continue to amuse
As time goes on I see more parallels between indie rockers and web geeks. During Macworld I attended the Pownce launch party at Madrone. Like at any good indie concert, nobody was dancing even though the dj was playing bounce-encouraging music. There were a few weird transitions but he wasn’t terrible. He played Artsy by Living Legends. Amusing lyrics include:

You ain’t artsier than me cause you only read books, don’t watch TV
You ain’t artsier than me cause you shop at Whole Foods in open toed shoes

A terrible parody is begging to be written:

You ain’t geekier than me cuz you live in San Francisco, ride a fixie
You ain’t geekier than me cuz you run a web two point ohhh and got a macbook pro

My lyrical genius is mind blowing.

Never use this pickup line
As I was preparing to leave the party a man approached me and asked “So who are you with?” At a show his next statement would have been “I’m with the band. Wanna back stage tour?” but looking around all I saw were shadows wearing threadless tees banging away on their iphones instead of shadows in band tees looking bored and playing with their hair.

“I’m with… the party”
“No, I mean what company?”

Which leads me to parody a classic indie rock joke:
“My web startup is so stealth even I haven’t heard of it”

Unfortunately, I’m not that witty so I just told him I type really fast.

Jan 072008

When I first saw the geek hot wired article I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. Really, digatechgirl & digatechguy are far superior. Reason:

Web 2.0 parties, free 2.0 lunches, no host bars, billion dollar valuations … its DOT COM time again!!!

So to celebrate (and jump on that bandwagon), we’ve created (cobbled together) our own Web 2.0 social-face-be-space-graph-network-platform app.

Wired has been doing the competition for a while (2005 results) but they really gotta start sticking that tongue deeper into their cheek.

It amuses me that any submitted guys are near the bottom of the pool. I would submit every hot male geek I know (as all the female ones are already up there), but that’s a lot of effort toward a rather shallow cause. Instead, I’m going to build a site where people can only submit photos of stupid faces. It’ll be one of 100 projects I’m working on, so it may never see the light. In any case, I think it’s a nice idea.

Nov 242007

I’ve been using Dvorak for years and I looooove it. When people find out (usually by failing to type on my keyboard), they often ask me why I switched.

Here’s a good list of pros and cons. I was convinced when I read this

Comfort: Dvorak wins this contest hands down. The Dvorak keymap is carefully adapted to the English language. For example, most typing in Dvorak takes place on the home row, so your fingers and hands don’t have to move around so much. Dvorak also divides words more evenly between hands, so one hand isn’t typing whole words like agree, fact, grass, greater, opinion, regard…

Lately I’m convinced that I have RSI in my left pinky(could be psychosomatic, like that time I thought I had west nile). I never trained myself to use the shift key on my right hand, so the burden falls on my poor left pinky. I also use it a lot when coding (that darn ;. It’s in the z location if you’re a qwerty user). I mentioned it to Dennis and he found Ukelele a keyboard layout editor for mac. It’s a great program and very easy to use.

This is my new layout:
my moded dvorak layout

I switched the ; key with the ‘. I figured reaching up for the ; is better than reaching down. I’ve been using the layout for about a week now and I’ve noticed a few problems with it. I still have not acclimated to the change, so I am constantly typing the wrong character (certainly not helping my attempt to use my left pinky less). I’ve also found that I use apostrophe all the time in regular typing.

Another big problem is that flex builder seems to be the only program that doesn’t entirely obey the new layout. I use lots of keyboard shortcuts (who doesn’t?) and the command key doesn’t map properly in flex. When I hold down the command, the layout turns to qwerty which ONLY happens in flex. I’ve tested it out with every other program I use regularly and it works just fine. Ukelele shows me that when I hold down command I get the dvorak keyboard. What gives? I hate eclipse.

I ended up individually remapping keys in flex. It sucked. I use flex because it’s there and it works. I’d much prefer jedit with the emacs plugin, but jedit doesn’t have as3 autocompletion. (kay I’m sorry if that previous sentence only made sense to me, and a tiny subset of other people)

Overall I’m not completely satisfied with the new placing of the ;, but I’m having a hard time figuring out where it should go. I’ll have to try a few more things to find out what is optimal.

Nov 182007

I had a great time at the Songbird and Satisfaction Kubrick and Cupcake party on Thursday. It’s always nice to catch up with people I haven’t seen in a while. I haven’t been going out much lately (been working a ton), but if it’s a costume party or there are happy cakes I’m there. This event had BOTH. It was perfect. Highlights include:

photo by Terry

eating happy cakes
meeting my cousin (cuz, you know, all asians know each other and are related)
making faces with Skylar(see above photo by Terry)

guy: “what do you do?”
me: “I type, on a computer.” *makes typing motions with fingers*
guy: “you’re in marketing?”

No, but I do need a different description of what I do, or a really good fake job. Ramon suggested ‘Conceptual Artist’. Another possibility is ‘Digital Consumer’. Maybe I should tell people I work at a secret startup that’s going to revolutionize the web using new technologies that allow us to make extensible platform built on existing apis.

Nov 092007

The day that Leopard launched I had to run out at 6pm to get my hands on a copy. For those who haven’t upated, it’s probably not a bad idea to wait for them to work out the kinks. I had some issues because:

1. I recently replaced my 80g drive with a 120g, and it wasn’t partitioned correctly for Leopard. Since I didn’t have the patience to image my machine, I ended up doing a clean install. There went iLife.

2. After the clean install, the ops guy tried to install ilife 08, and it failed with a mysterious and completely unhelpful error. Thanks, apple. On a macbook pro, with a legit version of leopard, I can’t install a legit copy of ilife? Oh well, imovie 08 sucks anyway. Good thing I have a mac mini so I could use imovie 06 for a few videos.

3. Leopard broke flash upload. This made it really hard to upload to Jumpcut and Flickr. Fortunately, Adobe has since released an update (it’s in beta right now).

A few days after the clean install, the ops dude copied the image he still had from the hard drive replacement. I then installed Leopard again with no problems. Yay! Last step is to install ilife 08, just so I can try it.

Sep 062007

Or not. I don’t understand why there is so much anger around the price drop. Cars steeply drop in value as soon as one drives it off the lot. I’ve already paid for the phone. It’s a done deal, a sunk cost. I have not forgotten the horrible experiences of my v3 razr, and it was absolutely worth abandoning it for the iphone.

I’m very glad they dropped the price. It makes me uncomfortable when people ogle my phone–It reinforces the belief that iphones are status symbols. The more owners, the better. We can all be corporate consumer whores. Yay!

To cover their asses Apple’s going to give out $100 store credit to iphone early adopters. Yum.