Oct 312008

it is full of the happies.

Cut it up

I cut this pumpkin up. It fought me but I won. In case you can’t tell (I’m working on the carving skillz) this is a macbook pro. You can tell it’s one of the new ones because the trackpad has no mouse button. It also pukes hearts. I can type and click really fast on it.

Oct 262008

Adult hunters are far more adept than children, so the pumpkins tend to group in safer arears. Because of this, the best place to hunt for pumpkins is in the suburbs where there is a much higher percentage of children than in the cities. Take a look at this video for some practical tips for your next hunt:

Pumpkin hunting is an old tradition in our family. This is my sister keeping an eye out for attack pumpkins, while my brother gets really close and comfy with the pumpkins to pick the best one out.
Pumpkin hunting with the sis and bro

As you can see, we are all very serious about this sport.

Oct 212008

I made this video a few years ago with Dennis and I put it on Jumpcut. I tried to look at it last week, but it was broken :(. The site has had a few problems with movies lately. I found the original source video off my computer and I recreated the video.

The song is different on it now, ‘cuz my upload rejected for copywrite violation. Here is the version with the original song.

This video is made of hundreds of 640×480 photos. I lowered the resolution on my camera, just to keep the filesize of the resulting video low. It was made in iMovie. Once the photos are imported into the timeline, you can easily select all the photos in your timeline and change the duration for all of them. I recently purchased iStopMotion for Mac and am eager to try it out.

I enjoying making stopmotion videos. They take a lot of work but I love the results. When I was 13 I recreated a Mengele ‘experiment’ with Barbie dolls. My editing technique back then was to start and stop recording on a video camera really quickly to get a tiny sliver of video. I then moved the dolls, and repeated the process. Back then I didn’t have editing software to string together a bunch of photos. The advantage was that I instantly had the finished video. Then I dubbed over the video with shrieks of pain. I wish I could find that video now.

I recently tried to do another stopmotion with Barbies, but the head of one of my dolls kept falling off and I gave up. Perhaps I should try a Barbie stopmotion horror video…

Oct 072008
Sugar pumpkin

As much as I love living is San Francisco one of it’s low points for me is highlighted in this season. Every grocery store I go into outside of San Francisco there are multiple huge crates overflowing with giant orange orbs. The selection in San Francisco is pathetic. There are at most 2 or 3 dozen pumpkins per grocery store. Sure, Whole Foods may carry more oddly colored lumpy heirloom pumpkins, but I’m looking for the classic icon of Halloween, something I can satisfyingly sink my knife into.

I have also been searching for sugar pumpkins. They are smaller pumpkins optimized for baking. How am I supposed to make pumpkin pie? With canned pumpkin? Yuck. I am so sad about the lack of pumpkins in my life. I just want to rip out the gooey innards of a nice round orange pumpkin. It seems like too much to ask of SF.