Nov 212008

made me this adorable video for my birthday. It’s a montage of a bunch of photos and videos of us together. I can’t properly describe how I feel about this. It’s wonderful, amazing, incredibly sweet. It brings back a lot of memories. It’s strange to think that we met on the internet more than 3 years ago. Justine is an incredible source of inspiration for me. See? Internet friends can become real friends.

Here’s a pic of us when we first met IRL:
prison break

So much silliness!

Oct 202008

I’m currently in Chicago filming our last installment of the At&t series. I absolutely love Chicago and I’m really glad to be back here. One of the first things we did was to take an architecture boat tour. It was fantastic. Check out this video I made while we were on the boat:

I am fascinated with architecture, so this was especially a treat. I learned a lot from the tour. The guide said Art Deco, Post Modern, and Chicago school quite a bit.

The curve of this building mimicks the curve of the river. It is divided in two and the other side is angular, to mimick the city blocks. That style is called contextualism. Yes I learned this on the tour.
This is soooo contextual

This building is so big, it has it’s own zip code! It’s called the Merchandise Mart and is over 4 million square feet.
This building

More photos of the tour and our trip here. One of the buildings has a freeway going right through it, and the building was built before the road. Crazy.

Sep 292008

Justine and I are currently in Austin, TX shooting for the next installment of our At&t lost in america series. Videos from Anchorage are going to come out any day now.

Second floor of the Cathedral of Junk

One of the highlights of our day was visiting the Cathedral of Junk. This place is absolutely amazing. I could spend all day here looking at all the things that make up this building. Wheels, toys, vacuums, you name it; it’s there. I even saw an old-school Nintendo control. The cathedral is multi-level and there are many little nooks to sit and admire all the junk. He is currently building a wheelchair accessible ramp and a new balcony. Check out this video for a little tour.

In the evening we were part of an Improv show called Stool Pidgeon at Coldtown Theater. I was pretty nervous about being onstage. Fortunately, you can’t see the audience from the stage so it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be.

At the show

Rachel and her roomie Arianna drove for 3+ hours to go to the show. They’re awesome.
The day started really early and ended very late. I was exhausted and had a great time.

Sep 272008

(copied directly from Justine’s blog)

This weekend we are heading to Austin to shoot more fun stuff for our AT&T series. Justine and I are going to be participating in an improv event called “Stool Pigeon” at Coldtowne Theare and we’re inviting anyone in the area to come hang out and check it out.

Details are as follows:

Date: Saturday, September 27th
Time: 8pm
Address: 4803-B Airport Blvd. Austin, TX 78751

Gocar madness

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Sep 082008

Way back in January Justine, Coley and I rented gocars and took a little tour of San Francisco. In my hard drive cleaning I found the footage from that awesome experience and made a little movie. We had a ton of fun. The cars are a little dorky and the helmets are silly, but that’s what I loved about it. Near the end of our journey we figured out how to turn on the radio and did a little seated dancing. I almost hit a park car and Justine basically saved us, which was not recorded (fotunately? unfortunately?). I am not a good driver.

I decided to try out Viddler, a video sharing site with time-based comments. Generally I find the popups distracting but I like the idea of being able to pinpoint a part of the movie to comment on. Viddler also supports scrubbing when the video isn’t fully loaded, which means you can jump to an unloaded part of the video, and it’ll download the bits from that point forward. Love it.

Aug 302008

I’m in Alaska right now. The weather is mild and the sun doesn’t go down until 9pm. I’m with Justine on some crazy-fun adventures.

At SFO I had a veggie burger with bacon. Ya, that seems a little weird, but veggie burgers are reliably tasty. They almost always use Gardenburgers. The animal burger actually cost less than the veggie one which is very fishy. Then I noticed the additions. Ooooo jalapenos, yummmm blue cheese. I just couldn’t resist the bacon.

My veggie bacon burger

As soon as we got off the plane yesterday morning we went straight to the spa. Justine and I have our priorities straight. After several hours of relaxation and eating fruit, we went out to dinner at Glacial Brewhouse where we stuffed our bellies with delicious food.


My cajun crusted halibut was tender and sweet and very spicy. The snap peas where a little overcooked imo but they tasted fine. I also had a bit of Justine’s salmon and it was surprisingly good. I usually don’t like the taste of salmon but this fresh wild salmon was deeeeelish.

Cajun halibut

I also enjoyed the apple currant bread pudding. It was rich and moist and spiced with Christmas. The sauce it swam in was very sweet but I liked the rum flavor.

bread pudding that I actually liked

We were also lucky enough to be given a tour of their brewing facilities in the back.

You can check out what we did today at Justine’s blog.

Feb 072008
Hot junior mint action

I’ve finally started looking at the photos I’ve taken in the last several months and they remind me of such fun times.

Coley bought us these wonderful treats for our movie that night (Helvetica at Roxy). These little rascals always fall out of their box and dirty up whatever’s in my purse. Justine’s camera died from junior mints. They need to rethink the design of their boxes. Perhaps they should sell them in large metal tins or have them come with rubber bands that will keep the boxes shut. I guess they expect you to eat them all in one sitting. Still, they are just sooooo sweet and refreshing. I like to eat mine frozen.