Jul 222008

Here is a little peek inside “The Dark Night” screening made by Vanessa. Her movies make me happy in a way I can’t quite explain. There is a little strip tease action in the middle by one of the Zivity models so it might be NSFW or CLAT (come look at this), depending on your workplace.

The movie was everything I hoped for, and then some. It was violent, beautiful, thought-provoking.

May 162007

Andrew* sent me a cute song about Ruby on Rails by Miles Forest:I was instantly reminded of other RoR tidbits I’ve seen here and there. As a php developer, this video from railsenvy is more appropriate, but the java v RoR is more true.

And just to bring down those RoR devs a touch, here is my favorite RoR joke (swiped from this site):

Just inside the gates of heaven, St. Peter sits at a desk checking people in.
Peter: “Welcome to heaven. Programming language?”
The man at the front of the line says, “Smalltalk.”
Glancing at his clipboard, Peter says, “Room 33. Be very quiet as you pass Room Six.”
The process repeats itself with the next person in line:
Peter: “Welcome to heaven. Programming language?”
Person #2: “Common Lisp.”
Peter: “Room 17. Be very quiet as you pass Room Six.”
The next person moves to the front of the line with a look of curiosity on her face.
Peter: “Welcome to heaven. Programming language?”
Person #3: “Python.”
Peter: “Room 54. Be very quiet as you pass Room Six.”
Person #3: “Why do you keep telling us to be quiet as we pass Room Six?”
Peter: “Because the Ruby on Rails People are in Room Six, and they think they’re the only ones here.”

Of course, all of this comes back to my absolute favorite nerdcore rapper, Monzy.

(warning: this is extremely academically nerdy)
So Much Drama:Despite the fact that he’s from Stanford, I absolutely love him. Really, I just don’t want our schools to get between us, especially since we’ve owned their asses for the past SIX YEARS. Oh, and he uses emacs.

“You’re running csh and my shell is bash,
You’re the tertiary storage; I’m the L1 cache.”
Kill – 9

May 042007

I didn’t see these at the Tribeca film fest–I found them on vyc. I have a lot of thoughts about my trip, though I’ve been too busy to write them down. I’ve caught a cold and have been operating at around 50% efficiency. Hopefully this weekend I’ll feel better and have a bit of time.

I am an apartment building:

A funny thing happened at the Quick Mart:

Apr 242007

The Webby Awards celebrate the best of the web every year and Jumpcut has been nominated in three categories. heres the skinny.

Broadband – Sites fully integrating bandwidth-intensive interactive content
Services – Sites that enable real world activities online
Interactive Advertising – for the Doritos Crash The Superbowl campaign

In addition to official selections, the Webby Awards give out a “People’s Voice” award based on votes from people like you. Here’s what you need to do to cast your vote:

1. Go to webby awards and create an account.
2. Activate your account by clicking on the link in the email that they send you
3. Vote for us.

Tell the world you love us, because we certainly love you :)

Jan 082007

My latest movie:

I really enjoy making these short movies. It’s so much fun to film and edit and I’m learning a lot.

This movie was much faster to film but took a few hours to edit. I used my digital camera and my isight to shoot it from 2 different angles (multiple cameras are awesome), but the result was that I had a ton of footage to sift through. It was difficult to make the editing look smooth since I made the angle shift every few seconds. The titles make that smoothness unnecessary for the most part, but here is the non-title clip that better illustrates my attempt at smoothness. I’m a little annoyed that in one of my shots the framing doesn’t give me enough space above my head, but it worked out fine.

Big things I learned in the past few days:

– putting a light behind the camera is a cheap and easy way to light up your whole scene.
– review all shots before cleaning up, because you might want to film something again.

-the isight is a little shitty because:
– resolution and framerate are low(ish)
– not enough feedback on whether or not you’re recording. one of my movies was never made because I ended up recording the parts I didn’t want and not recording the parts that I wanted.
– the isight is great because:
– you can see yourself on the screen which helps a lot with framing
– clips are instantly imported into imovie

I’m also giggly-excited about going to macworld, and meeting ijustine(!!!!!) I am so completely enamored with her.