Apr 122009

Urban egg hunt on Youtube. Justine & I decided to hide some little treasures around the city for Easter. They were all gone the next day, so I’m sure they all found happy homes.

In related Easter news, this made me esploder:

The wizard of peeps

The Wizard of Peeps diorama. Given my lifelong obsession with peeps & The Wizard of Oz, I am tempted to ask the creator to marry me. So much peep love.

And here is the first video I put on the internet (lovingly made with Jumpcut in 2006):

Peep experiment on Youtube

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday.


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Mar 242008

I loooooove peeps — I have a book on them. My first movie on jumpcut was about peeps. I buy peeps every year just to look at them. They’re so bright and festive and I’m completely obsessed.

Imagine my absolute joy when I found out Leah brought a box to the LA Pownce brunch. The only thing that could be more peep-tastic was Cal demonstrating how to properly eat them.

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