Bigtime hearts to Grand perspective

Grand perspective of my hard drive

In the continued battle against the hard disk limit, I found another useful tool. Grand Perspective gives you nice pretty drawings of your filesystem. If you don’t have it, you should download it now.

It is a fantastic way to find large files you might not know about. For many many months, I’d been holding onto an archive of my computer from when I did an archive & install for Leopard. It was 20g! Deleting that giant chunk of files was like drinking sweet nectar straight from wild flowers. My computer stopped overheating, I haven’t seen a kernal panic since, AND it runs faster.

The X Lab has been pretty helpful with some basic tips on freeing up hard disk space. They recommend that you have at least 5 gigs free on your mac. I am constantly pushing that limit. I regularly see the “Your hard disk is almost full” message, and I am no stranger to the eclipse “error saving message” due to lack of space left on my device.

I’ve taken more steps to permanently solve this problem by buying a Drobo. More on that later.