Mar 102009

It’s around that time again, when my twitter feed is flooded with conversations about sxsw. Many claim that Twitter was put on the map by SXSW 07, when throngs of geeks and bloggers used the service to praise and criticize panels and to find out where the partying was happening.

My first tweet!

Fortunately, Twitter has become much more stable since then, and is now a pretty reliable service. I got curious to see if I could find my first tweet. They still have the data! Check out the little video I made about my first tweet.

I want to know what was your first tweet? Tag your tweet #my1sttweet. It’ll make it much easier to search for your tweets. If you’re not on twitter, you should join!

If you’re not going to SXSW this year, and do not want the constant barrage of tweets from your friends, try Twitter Snooze to silence them for a few days.

EDIT: Looks like Twitter doesn’t keep the data for all users depending on how many tweets you have. Try finding your earliest tweet. :)